Before undertaking the incursion on an unfamiliar market, it is critical to have all the necessary information about local characteristics.

Therefore, Sole Trading develops a comprehensive market research together with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) specifically for your requirements and for the product your company wants to export.

Many questions like the following are faced by these businesses and often remain unanswered: "Which is the best supplier for your business?", "is the cost reasonable", "which product should you import?"
Our expertise is to handle sourcing missions; to this end, we establish specific requirements and goals, which will be the base of a thorough research, including the pre-selection and audit of quality and reliability of potential contractors.

In order to provide you with a detailed report and results, our team takes into consideration key factors such as product quality, geographic location and reputation (proven results) of the supplier so as to ensure quality and minimize risks. At every point of the sourcing mission, you have complete control over every step and decision.

Negotiation is a very important part of every import, export or sourcing project, as it can help your company to reach the most beneficial deal for all the parties involved. Alternatively, when not conducted correctly, negotiation can lead to compromising important business objectives.
Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting with our team of experts in matters of sourcing and international trade.

Sole Trading will be responsible for negotiating critical issues and details of the contract, including costs, schedules, timelines and payment terms.
We will defend your company's interests and the specific concerns you have along the way until we reach a satisfactory, accurate and relevant agreement. You will be involved in very stage of the process and receive periodical reports of the negotiations.

Each step will be previously consulted with you and our recommendations can be approved or disapproved by you company. Finally, at Sole Trading, we believe your success is also our success; all information collected during our common endeavors will remain confidential and belongs to the client.

Sourcing for small businesses
Small and medium-size businesses usually have a hard time choosing a fitting provider, especially when they are located thousands miles away from the market they distribute their products in (i.e. Southeast Asia).
Sole Trading can provide a complete market research to help you consider the success of potential projects with greater accuracy.
Leveraging our local knowledge, we will study all the essential aspects that could have an impact in your endeavor; this includes a competition assessment, costs and other figures (i.e. potential taxes), which will give you a precise picture and help you define a projection of your future position and sustainability in the potential market.

This process is aimed at reducing risk to a minimum level and ensuring greater transparency of the qualitatively and quantitatively aspects of your sourcing mission in a new market. Sole Trading provides support for businesses of all sizes and fields in their sourcing strategies. Therefore, if you are in the textile, electronics, cosmetics, or every other business, Sole Trading will assist you in choosing the right provider who will be meet your requirements.
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